Women In Benefits

Date: February 13, 2020
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm (Lunch is included.)
Location: Boston College Club | Boston, MA
Cost: $100 Members | $150 Non-members

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Back by popular demand, the Women in Benefits lunch and networking event will feature
health care reform expert, CEO and author, Rosemarie Day.


Guest Speaker
Women Taking the Lead: The Push for Universal Healthcare

Rosemarie Day
Founder & CEO of Day Health Strategies
Author of the forthcoming book: Marching Toward Coverage


Join us on February 13th for an opportunity to meet Rosemarie Day, hear her thoughts about universal health care and learn how you can engage in the debate! Register Now.


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About Our Guest Speaker:

Health care reform expert and Founder and CEO of Day Health Strategies, Rosemarie Day, has just finished writing a book to galvanize women to take action to make health care a right in the US. Marching Toward Coverage:  How Women Can Lead the Fight for Universal Health Care is being published by Beacon Press and has a release date of March 3, 2020.

”Healthcare is one of America’s most dysfunctional and confusing industries, and women bear the brunt of the problem when it comes to both access and treatment. Women, who make 80 percent of healthcare decisions for their families, are disproportionately impacted by the complex nature of our healthcare system—but are also uniquely poised to fix it."

Rosemarie wants women to recognize their trouble with accessing affordable care as part of a national emergency. Rosemarie encourages women throughout the country to share their stories and get involved, and she illustrates how a groundswell of activism, led by everyday women, could create the incentives our political leaders need to change course.

"Marching Toward Coverage gives women the clear information they need to move this agenda forward by breaking down complicated topics in an accessible manner, like the ACA (Affordable Care Act), preexisting conditions, and employer-sponsored plans." With more than 25 years working in healthcare strategy and related fields, Rosemarie helps the average American understand the business of national health reform and lays out a pragmatic path forward, one that recognizes healthcare as a fundamental human right.