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Finding the Employee’s Voice in Mental Health Solutions

Nine years is the average period people live with a mental health condition before seeking help. Why does it take so long? Like so many things related to our emotional wellbeing and mental health, it’s complicated. Some of the reasons people delay seeking help sit outside an employer’s sphere of control. But not all of them. In speaking to over 16,000 individuals in the last 12 months, we’ve heard four themes about seeking support that employers can influence.

1- What to do?  What to say? 
About a third of all emotional/mental health cases start with the individual saying something like,

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Leading by Listening: How to Support the Mental Health Needs of Your LGBTQ+ Employees

The LGBTQ+ community has and continues to bring value and unique perspectives to the workforce. Knowing that their employers stand by them can help employees feel safe in their workplace, which is critical to ensuring that the workforce has the diverse thoughts, perspectives and people we need for today’s world.

Part of standing by your LGBTQ+ employees means helping support their mental health. LGBTQ+ individuals have unique mental health needs. These individuals may face threats, violence, rejection and lack of acceptance in the community, as well as issues with accessing affirming care. We know from our own families and friendships that having an accepting, supportive workspace with validating mental health benefits also helps the loved ones of those in the community who already worry about their safety every day. 

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