Health & Welfare Trends & Outlooks 2024

To kickoff 2024, we once again called on our annual corporate partners to share their outlooks and perspectives on industry trends for the NEEBC community to consider in the new year.  The current landscape and workforce have taught us that benefits are more important to employees than ever, and the fight for talent, exacerbated by the labor shortage, has never been more challenging. 

Recognizing these realities and the interconnected nature of employee well-being to engagement and business success, employers are endeavoring to be more:

  • attuned and responsive to their employees' personal needs;
  • innovative in their benefits offerings;
  • of an employer of choice for top talent;
  • savvy about how to spend finite dollars and control costs; and
  • strategic and forward-looking in recruiting and retaining their workforce.

Keeping abreast of industry outlooks and trends is a must for continued business growth, resiliency, sustainability, and vitality, and it's why we share these publications annually.

What are some of the outlooks and trends for 2024?

Some of the common themes woven throughout this compendium of 2024 outlooks and trends include: offering behavioral health support services; controlling the affordability and costs of health care and prescription drugs, especially specialty medications; and offering personalized benefits resulting in more flexibility and inclusivity.  Beyond the more known trends, there are practices, some novel, that are gaining traction, such as shifting to AI, moving to clinical navigation strategies, covering GLP-1 weight loss drugs, and directing employees to transition to Medicare and/or retirement.

We encourage you to explore the links below to partner publications and microsites that canvas the industry landscape ahead. Contributions are alphabetical by partner organization and some require downloading and providing your information.*

  1. Health benefits blueprint: 6 trends to watch in 2024 (Fidelity Investments)

  2. 2024 HUB Outlook Employee Benefits Report (HUB International)

  3. HR Trends Report Overview: A Spotlight on Competitive Time Off Practices (Lockton)

  4. Health & the Modern Family Explored (Point32Health)

  5. 3 health care trends impacting employers in 2024 (United HealthCare)

  6. 2024 Employee Benefits Market Outlook (USI)

*These outlooks and trends should be discussed with your legal counsel and/or service providers. 

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