We intend to provide a conference experience that is safe, valuable, and welcoming. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and most U.S. communities continue to require or recommend precautions for remaining safe from transmitting or becoming infected with COVID and its variants. We agree and respectfully ask you to consider or observe the following as a conference honoree and/or audience member:

  • Please wear masks while at Bentley University on September 23rd.

  • NEEBC intends to observe social distance with conference room spacing and table limits.

  • Bentley has hand washing facilities, and we plan to provide hand sanitizers accessible to all throughout the event.

  • To assist in minimizing potential physical contact, elbow bumps are a great alternative to handshakes.

  • No evidence of vaccination will be requested. Please use discretion related to your vaccination status and any recent exposures you may have had.

  • As information pertaining to the virus continues to develop, NEEBC will adjust its approach as needed and keep you informed.

Significant consideration was given to options other than on-campus participation. NEEBC benefitted from the responses of randomly surveyed members who, in high percentages, preferred being in-person, especially given the celebratory nature of the Silver Lining Awards.

Feel free to reach out directly to Robin Antonellis, NEEBC’s Executive Director, at 781-684-8700 with pandemic-related concerns or questions.